We house the fabulous collection of Claudia Kelsey’s dolls, miniatures, and toys including those contributed by her two sisters Adelaide and June and her many Juneau friends.


we have an unmatched display of northern indigenous dolls, toys and miniatures including Alaska, Canada, Siberia, Scandanavia, Iceland and Greenland.

Active Production

In the midst of these and many other eras and ethnicities, our curator and host is a doll maker, Mary Ellen Frank, whose studio is in the museum.


Claudia’s collection of children’s and doll books and periodicals plus Mary Ellen’s ethnology and doll construction collection are housed in the storeroom of the museum and are available by appointment.

You’re bound to find interest, nostalgia and enchantment here.

Handmade and artistic are important characteristics in this museum but the admirer of cute and dear will be rewarded also.

Feel free to self tour and ask questions as they arise, join in a conversation or request an orientation to the museum.

Your visit is bound to be an experience you will value as rare and unusual. As enjoyable as you find us, we find you so please don’t hesitate to wander in and see what cheers us up every moment we spend in here.

Payton in ACD

Next Steps…

If you want to contact us to confirm your visit or arrange for a time that is not on the schedule, feel free. This is a once in a life time opportunity for you and for us so let’s not spare any effort!

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