Door opening to our first and only room.
The Triangle Building, our first and only building where we have expanded to three times the display space and a storeroom/library.

Our collection started with Claudia’s 800 plus figures. After her death we photographed her doll room and moved the fixture and figures to the space they are now. We also brought Claudia’s extensive files and collection of research magazines journals and books on dolls  doll making and repair plus her children’s books.

Our Story

We began when Claudia passed away. Bea was sure that she would want her collection in a place where people could see it and enjoy it as she did. Bea established a trust and a non profit to fund and then enable the museum to run as a free admission enterprise.

Meet the Team

Here’s the group that you hear about most in association with the doll museum but also the Koggie File and Maureen Weeks as Board Members of  our non profit and friends and helper of Claudia and Bea were instrumental in getting the museum going and keeping it going.

Claudia Kelsey

Original Collector & Muse

Claudia came to Juneau with Bea shortly after World War II, became a professional artist, a master gardener, an active member in her church and pillar of the community.

Beatrice Shepard

Director and Trustee

Bea came to Juneau with Claudia shortly after World War  II, recruited to run the territorial laboratory. She became an active docent and lobbiest for the State Museum, an active member in her church and a pillar of the community.

Mary Ellen Frank

Director  Curator Host

Mary Ellen was born in Juneau while Alaska was still a territory. She was raised in Douglas and Sitka and Juneau. She retains both US and Canadian citizenship as her mother was Canadian when she was born. Mary Ellen is an internationally credentialed doll artist through NIADA and has a studio in the museum.


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